Learning Kinyarwanda - Rwandan language (COMING SOON !)

October,15 2015 by Olivieris & Cathy

In this article I propose you to learn my mother language Kinyarwanda.
As a language on it's own is a large domain, the words and phrases that you're going to learn are only some of the frequently used in daily life by Kinyarwanda speaking people.

How to start learning?

Step 1 : Download the Anki application for your mobile phone or your desktop (available for Android, Ios, Windows).

Step 2 : Getting flash Cards in your Anki application

For Mobile Phone :
  • Open the application go to the button "Plus"
  • Select "Get shared decks"
  • Search the deck : Kinyarwanda-level 1-olivieris-v1.0
  • Download it
  • Open the downloaded file, it will open in the Anki mobile app.

For Desktop :
  • Open the application go to "Get Shared"
  • Click here to download the deck : Kinyarwanda-level 1-olivieris-v1.0
  • Download it and save it on your computer.
  • Double click on the file, it will Open in your Anki application.
    (Or go in "File -> Import" go to the place you saved the file.)

Step 3 : Now every thing is well installed, Enjoy !

Thanks for the interest you have for my language, if you have any question or suggestion
feel free to send it to me via facebook comment below or find my email here.

Future improvements

  • Some pronunciations are not easy! so I will try soon to make an article for main pronunciations. in the future I could also add sound on cards.
  • I will make another article that shows main rules of the language.